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A few years ago, I looked into hiring a writer to do some… well, writing. I owned and operated an e-commerce site and thought it would be good to have some content to post on various article sites. That was when posting content on article mills benefitted SEO… hint, it’s not good to do that anymore. Although I was quite capable of doing the writing, I just didn’t have the time to do it myself. To find a writer who could do the work...

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If you, at some point, find yourself shouting that exclamatory phrase, rest assured that you are not alone in that sentiment. Many people would rather eat dirt than spend hours immersed in a seemingly endless quest for information. Many innocent seekers have been trapped in the research black hole where time and space have no meaning, only to be released hours later frustrated and mentally drained. If you have ever done any in-depth research, you know what I mean.

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